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From time to time, we offer artworks for sale on eBay and other internet auction sites.  We want our customers to have peace of mind.  Most of the works we sell are from artists' estates and heirs.  When we accept a general estate to sell the art in it, we inspect and  research all the artworks to the best of our ability. We provide you with a full Month to verify your purchase under the terms of our guarantees. 

Please scroll down to read the definitions as they apply to the artworks that interest you.  Every artwork is guaranteed to be as stated. We do NOT sell modern reproductions, copies of museum works, nor  "giclees," which are prints, not paintings.   If you have any questions concerning our definitions, please email us at , and we will answer your query promptly.  We want you to understand what you are buying.


AUTHENTICITYIf we guarantee authenticity,  the artwork should be executed by the artist stated.  For a refund, please send us a letter from an expert on the artist, stating the legitimate reasons why it has been judged not authentic. Emails from authenticators are acceptable if they include contact information.  We accept letters and emails from many types of authenticators, including curators, authors of catalogues raissone, authenticators of artists' estates, and curators of exhibitions. 

We DO NOT accept letters from the artist's friends or neighbors; gallery owners unless they have published on the artist; or regional auction houses, because they are often wrong.  Just ask us, and we will help you to identify an appropriate expert. We urge all buyers not to go to self-appointed authenticators, because it wastes your valuable time, and it might preclude a refund.

ATTRIBUTIONSIf a painting is sold as ATTRIBUTED, it is guaranteed to be executed in the era stated, in our best judgment it probably was executed by the artist stated, but we are not confident enough to guarantee authenticity.  We are very conservative in our authenticity guarantees, particularly with consignments that have no provenance. Most highly listed artists are sold as ATTRIBUTIONS, giving the buyer the opportunity to research an artwork purchased at a price well below the artist's auction records. 

If a painting is listed as
STYLE OF, MANNER OF, SCHOOL OF, or FOLLOWER OF it means that it resembles the artist stated, but in our judgment it probably is NOT executed by the artist's hand.

If a painting is guaranteed to be an
ANTIQUE, it means that it is more than 100 years old.

FRAMES - We describe artworks as they look here, disclosing any flaws that we see, and we show you a picture of the frame. Many period frames are old wood and/or fragile gesso (old plaster), and even when well-packed there can be damage during shipping. FRAMES ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

 Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

With sincere thanks and warm wishes,

Lynne Pauls Baron 



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