Civil War II


Gene Szafran b1941

Original Illustrations from Civil War Matthew Brady Photographs

Gouache and watercolor on artist's board

All estate stamped, all include authenticity letter

All 17 x 22 inches (except if indicated)

Condition:  Excellent, all were or are covered with acetate. Any imperfections in pictures are on the acetate, not the illustration.

Click picture for larger image

Price of each:  $475

These are original illustrations by Gene Szafran, from Matthew Brady Photographs. They were painted in the 1960s.  Gene Szafran was an award-winning  book illustrator, please click   to see his extensive biography.  These illustrations were produced for a book that was not published. These illustrations are from Szafran's estate.

Matthew Brady (the photographer)  was born in Warren County, New York, in 1823. . At the  Civil War, Matthew Brady asked President Lincoln and Alan Pinkerton if he could take pictures of the war.  Brady took over 3,500 pictures.   Brady died at age 73, on January 16, 1896. Many of his portraits and photographs are held by the Smithsonian Museum.

Please click pics for larger images. Please remember, dirt is on acetate cover, not on the illustration.

Each, $475

Union Artillery Battery


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Union Railroad Locomotive

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Union cavalrymen

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Crewmen on a Union blockade warship


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Dead Union soldier at Gettysburg.
This is an illustration of a famous photograph by Matthew Brady.  Brady also photographed the same image in a Confederate uniform.


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