Leonor Fini


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LEONOR FINI  France/Argentina 1908 – 1996

Les Elus De La Nuit,  "The Sorcerers of the Night." 

pencil signed and numbered 

Color Etching    
       Plate Size    6.3 x 4.9 in. / 16.0 x 12.5 cm    
       Number 57 Edition    ed.275    
        Arches paper, two watermarks, four deckled edges
 size with full margins approx. 15 x 11 inches

Mint Condition

Leonor Fini was Argentine-born, raised in Italy, and became  French by choice. She is widely recognized as one of the leading proponents of SURREALISM. 

Fini was born in Buenos Aires, and moved to Paris in 1937, where she met and exhibited with the leaders of the surrealist movement. Her work was the subject of writings by Jean Cocteau, Max Ernst, and Chirico. Fini explores her relationship with nature and its constant recycles of birth and death, expressing these ideas in such imagery as flowers, eggs, skulls, and skeletons. She often uses the symbolism of the cat and its largest family member, The Lioness, to express the dominance of women in society.

Fini's first one-person show took place in Milan at the Galerie Barbaroux in 1929; her first one-person show in Paris was at the Galerie Bonjean in 1932.  Her works were included in several  International Surrealist Exhibitions.  Now her major works are in several museums, including the Kinsey Institute, and there have been at least six biographies written about her.

These color etchings are from a Portfolio of same published by Juan Piniero.  The Portfolio has a Christie's stamp from the UK.  The title loosely translates to "The Sorcerers of the Night." 




Etching has full margins and four deckled edges.  Truncated here due to size of scanner.




One watermark, looks like a cat mask




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