Marilyn Ostrich


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Marilyn Ostrich, d2001

American realist painter

Chinatown Children waiting for School Bus, 1996

oil on canvas, 15 x 30 inches

in original metallic painted wood frame, 18.5 x 33.5 inches

Condition:  100% original, no paint losses.

Provenance:  The artist's family. The back of the canvas states "This painting was painted by my mother in 1996.  Susan Ostrich Benson, 2002."

Marilyn Ostrich was a student and friend of Henry Gasser in NJ.  She attended Gasser's art classes, and was awarded and a  member of the American Pastel Society.  This artist has been exhibited in galleries owned by New Jersey's major corporations.  Her last exhibit prior to her death was at Schering Plough Gallery in Kennelworth, NJ.  Ostrich saw this group of Chinese children waiting for a school bus, and hurried to paint it. Like her mentor, Ostrich took her scenes from everyday life, such as people on the streets of New York City, on beaches and in parks. 


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