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Mary Catherine Sinclair, 1914 - 2004

American Impressionist Painter, NJ

Japanese baby girl flying kite

oil on canvas 27 x 17 inches

Signed "Mary San," dated 1968

In fine silver metal over wood frame

overall size 33 x 23 inches

Condition:  Recently cleaned, with small spots of in-painting, none on girl or kite. Excellent presentation.

Provenance: This painting and several others by this artist were purchased from Mary Sinclair's friends in New Jersey. 

This is a most beguiling depiction of a Japanese baby, and it is signed Mary San, the honorific way of addressing an artist in Japanese. It is dated 1968.  Mary Sinclair was married to artist Will Barnet in the 1930s and 1940s.  It is our understanding that Sinclair died in New Jersey.

During the 1930's and 1940's, when she was Mrs. Barnet, Mary Sinclair taught Studio Art in the lower school at Birch Wathen on 93rd Street and Amsterdam Ave. The school is now Birch Wathen-Lennox and is located at 210 East 77th Street.

Ms. Sinclair changed her style in later years, experimenting with bright colors in a more modernist style.  This painting is a fine example of her middle-career figural impressionist work.







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