Mora Self Portrait 1897


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Francis Luiis Mora, N.A. (1874-1940)

Self Portrait, 1897

oil on canvas 22 x 36 inches

signed and dated lower right

Provenance,  Estate of Jo Mora, Jr., the artist's nephew.

Condition:  Cleaned and restored by Yost Conservation, Oxford, CT. New stretcher. Areas of in-painting where un-stretched canvas had been creased. Canvas was strengthened with BEVA (a conservation wax substance).  Conservation panel verso.

This is a self-portrait of F. Luis Mora in 1897 when he was 23 years old.  It is loosely and deftly painted in American Impressionist style. By 1897, Mora had already graduated from the Boston Museum School of Art with the great Impressionist, Edmund Tarbell, and taken classes at the Art Students League with H. Siddons Mowbray.  In 1897, Mora was an instructor at the (William Merritt) Chase School of Art in Manhattan and was illustrating for Harper's magazines.  It was just the beginning of his long and distinguished career as an artist.

The painting shows Mora's admiration for William Merritt Chase. Mora wears a suit and tie, as Chase was known to wear while painting. Mora is wearing a painter's beret, and a ring on his right hand, as he was not yet married.  Mora often grew a fashionable mustache, and he is smoking a fashionable cigarette. The background is loosely painted with objects and cloths giving the painting its texture, balanced composition and shots of color.  The scene is most likely the artist in his own studio. 





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