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Puppy Dogs

American, 19th Century

oil on artist's board, 12 x 18 inches


Condition:  Excellent: Cleaned and restored, small dabs of in-paint

In ornate frame, gesso over wood, Condition:  Excellent, restored

overall size, 16 x 22 inches

This is a 19th Century Folk Painting. It depicts eight puppies, All-American mixed-breeds, Heinz 57s. Their faces are expressive, and each pup has its own personality.  We especially like the terrier, second from left, watching the pup chewing straw.

There is an old label from New York State, and the board is French, as were many American art supplies in the 19th Century.  This painting has been expertly restored.  There were flecks of paint missing here and there, not in large areas.  The frame had gesso losses, that were molded and replaced. 

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